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Basic Law Enforcement


Basic Law Enforcement
Course Length: 480 hours
ILETSB Certified

Course Dates

01/05/15 – 03/26/15        #3076

03/30/15 – 06/18/15        #3077

06/29/15 – 09/17/15        #3078
09/27/15 – 12/17/15        #3079

01/10/16 – 03/31/16        #3149

04/03/16 – 06/23/16        #3150

06/26/16 – 09/15/16        #3151
09/25/16 – 12/15/16        #3152








Basic Law Enforcement
Training Charges

Resident: $5108
Commuter: N/A

Optional Training

Police Spanish
Training Charges: $150

Training Charges: $175

Juvenile Specialist

Training Charges:  $120/$75

Patrol Rifle

Training Charges: $464




The twelve-week, 480-hour course exceeds the requirements set by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board for all new police officers in the State of Illinois.
This high quality, resident program utilizes current principles of adult learning to prepare students for classes allowing us to optimize performance based "hands-on" instructional methods. Community policing values are integrated throughout the course with emphasis on the service functions that are so much a part of today’s law enforcement mission.

Reporting to agencies on student progress has been enhanced by video taping all scenario-based instructional activities. Individual student videos provide agency supervisors and field trainers the opportunity to view their officers during training. This enables better planning of the field training experience. Agencies receive these reports at the end of each six-week period.

Discipline and structure prepare young recruits to meet the challenges of today's complex policing environment. A regimented physical training program provides challenges that prepare officers for the demands on the street. Officers are expected to be in either an Institute uniform or their department uniform each day. We set high expectations, demand performance, and reward excellence.

PTI's firearms and control tactics programs are nationally recognized for excellence. Drivers training and practical exercises provide recruit officers with the knowledge and skills to “hit the ground running.” Innovative communication techniques provide officers with the best communication skills training offered anywhere in the country.

The Police Training Institute has integrated seven certification programs into the BLE experience. Two are incorporated in the basic training and five are offered as electives. These courses offer additional training beyond that provided in the 480-Hour Basic Curriculum. They are generally offered in the evening following regularly scheduled classes. The courses are:


Patrol Rifle Operator Course - PTI is offering one session of the new Patrol Rifle Operator course during each BLE.  Recruit Officers who take advantage of this option will stay in class until 10PM Friday of week ten and then be in class that Saturday from 9-5. They will be free to travel home after class on Saturday (if they choose to).  This additional course (along with what they already receive in BLE) will certify them in the 24-hour Patrol Rifle Course.  PTI will provide the weapon and ammunition.  Cost is $450.  Space is limited to the first 20 registrants. 

Police Spanish CourseThis 20-hour street level Spanish course is an additional program made available to all basic students and conducted in the evenings. It is designed to give the officers the basics in using Spanish for control purposes. Commands that increase officer safety are stressed.  This course is delivered in four 4-hour sessions. The cost for this course is $150 per student, which covers cost of materials. Students who enroll in this course receive training in: arrest; command and control expressions; traffic-enforcement expressions; gathering of field information; and precautionary and danger word recognition.

Taser CertificationThe 6-hour Taser Certification course is offered one evening during the Basic program. Officers learn the proper use of the Taser and how it can be integrated in their use of force. This course is delivered by a Taser certified instructor. At the end of the training, officers will receive a certificate of training in the X26.  The cost for this training is $170 per student.

Juvenile Specialist Certification – In cooperation with North East Multi-Regional Training (MTU3), PTI  offers a web-based program which prepares students to take the State of Illinois Juvenile Officer Certification exam the last week of the Basic program. The complete curriculum of the 40-hour course is web-based. Students can work on the program in their free time while attending PTI. The final certification test is at the end of the BLE. The cost of this training is $120 for the first recruit officer an agency enrolls and $75 for each recruit officer enrolled thereafter.  Payment for this course will be handled directly through NEMRT and should be arranged prior to the recruit's arrival at PTI.  Contact Mary Rose Pocuis at NEMRT: 630-896-8860 ext. 116 or email mary@nemrt.com.

Less than Full Access LEADS/IWIN Certification – Students in the BLE course are able – and encouraged – to use the student computer lab to complete the LEADS instruction and certification exam. Accomplishing this as part of the basic course puts them in a better position to contribute right away when they return to the agency.  As these courses are posted on the web, there are no fees assessed to have officers complete these courses.

NIMS - Compliance Certification (IS-100LE/IS-700/IS-200) – these computer-based training programs are offered by FEMA and jurisdictions receiving federal emergency preparedness grants are required to have their personnel certified. No special user ID or passwords are needed and officers can complete this training using personal, department, or PTI computers. PTI will monitor your officer’s completion of these courses and will send certificate to agency at completion of BLE. There are no fees to access these training programs.


OC Spray - A classroom presentation includes the effects and decontamination of OC use, use of force related to OC use, and movement and spraying of subjects using inert OC. Officers will be sprayed and then will have to accomplish several tasks, including weapon retention, defensive/control tactics, and firing at a target using a laser weapon.

Baton Certification - Impact weapon certification is incorporated into the Control Tactics portion of the BLE. Proper use and techniques are taught. The session culminates with situational decision-making drills.

NOTE! All certificates for included and optional courses completed will be mailed to agency upon completion of BLE. 


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