Master Firearms Instructor

Course Description

This unique program provides today’s Police Firearms Instructor the necessary knowledge and skill to develop and deliver an effective in-service training program. Each required course presents new knowledge and skills, and reinforces important information previously delivered in other required courses. Over 400 Police Training Institute Master Firearms Instructors have been certified and are currently serving their agencies across the nation. Apprenticeships can be served on any of the dates listed below.


The Apprentice Program must follow successful completion of the three foundational courses. It is highly recommended that the Strategy and Tactics course and the Tactical Firearms course be taken prior to the Instructor course. This enables students in the Instructor course to concentrate on teaching methods rather than trying to develop new knowledge and skills as they learn to teach them.


Certification requirements for the Police Training Institute Master Firearms Instructor rating are successful completion of:

  • Police Strategy and Tactics Course (one week)
  • Police Tactical Firearms Course (one week)
  • Police Firearms Instructor Course (one week)
  • Master Firearms Instructor Apprentice Program (three days)

Note: There is no time limit for the completion of the requirements.

Training Charges

No charge for three-day apprenticeship class

Course Schedule

Dates Course Number
 03/30/21 - 04/01/21 #3434
07/13/21 - 07/15/21 #3343
11/16/21 - 11/18/21 #3453
03/22/22 - 03/24/22 #3502
04/05/22 - 04/07/22 #3503
07/12/22 - 07/14/22 #3511
07/26/22 - 07/28/22 #3512
11/15/22 - 11/17/22 #3520
11/29/22 - 12/01/22 #3521


Master Firearms Instructors must attend a recertification workshop every three years. The workshop focuses on changes in doctrine and teaching methodology, and re-qualification is required to maintain the knowledge and skills required for certification.

Training Charges


Course Schedule

Dates Course Number
06/11/21 #3440
07/30/21 #3445
10/15/21 #3450
12/03/21 #3455
04/08/22 #3504
07/29/22 #3513
12/02/22 #3522