Patrol Rifle Instructor

Course Description

The Patrol Rifle Instructor course was developed in response to the needs of departments who are striving to equip their officers with weapons sufficient to meet the demands of today’s law enforcement mission, including active shooter scenarios, highly armed criminals and gangs and protection of the homeland in the war on terrorism. Patrol Rifle Instructors will provide their departments with the skills necessary to train their officers in basic modern rifle craft.

The course of instruction covers topics including: Methods of Instruction; Developing In-Service Training Programs; The Modern Technique; Zeroing; Selecting Rifles and Equipment; Low Light Shooting Drills (and the need for rail mounted lights); and Transition between Rifle and Handgun.

An approved, recent user level rifle course, or military combat arms unit experience is required prior to enrolling in the Patrol Rifle Instructor course.

Course Length

40 hours

Training Charges

Commuter $446 (price effective through June 2021)

Course Schedule

Dates Course Number
 04/26/21 -04/30/21  #3437
 08/23/21 - 08/27/21  #3447
05/02/22 - 05/06/22 #3507
08/22/22 - -08/26/22 #3515