Police Strategy & Tactics

Course Description

This course uses a unique set of Tactical Planning Principles to enable officers to plan and execute tactical operations. The Police Strategy and Tactics course will provide officers with the ability to provide a proper objective by which to plan and carry out operations ranging from field contacts to high risk response.

This course is an excellent patrol officer refresher course if taken every three to five years, or for officers returning to patrol from other assignments. It is highly recommended for First Line Supervisors and Field Training Officers.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Mindset: Developing a Tactical Mindset
  • Shooting Skills
  • High-Risk Response Tactics
  • Use of Force and Civil Liability
  • Disturbance Calls
  • Entry and Search
  • Vehicle Stops

Course Length

40 hours

Training Charge

Commuter: $545 (price effective through June 2021)

Course Schedule

Dates Course Number
05/17/21 - 05/21/21 #3439
09/20/21 - 09/24/21 #3449
01/24/22 - 01/28/22 #3496
05/23/22 - 05/27/22 #3508
09/26/22 - 09/30/22 #3517