Police Tactical Firearms

Course Description

The Police Tactical Firearms course will develop and improve requisite skills with the sidearm and shoulder-mounted firearms (including shotguns). The focus of the course will be to improve basic gun handling and practical shooting skills. Officers completing this course have documented significant increases in skill levels and as a by-product confidence in their ability to use their weapons. This is an excellent course for Firearms Instructors to attend every three to five years to update knowledge and skills that can be transferred to others through in-service training.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Mindset: The Ultimate Weapon
  • Use of Force and Civil Liability
  • Marksmanship (basic and combat)
  • Gun Handling Skills
  • Shooting Simulations
  • Low Light Shooting Tactics
  • Cover Utilization
  • Skill Assessment and Qualification
  • Pistol/Shotgun


Master Firearms Instructor Certification requires completion of the following courses: Police Tactical Firearms, Police Strategy and Tactics, Police Firearms Instructor, and a three day Master Firearms Instructor Apprentice Program.

Training Charges

Commuter: $809 (price effective through June 2021)

Course Schedule

Dates Course Number
04/5/21 - 04/9/21 #3436
08/16/21 - 08/20/21 #3446
12/13/21 - 12/17/21 #3456
4/25/22 - 4/29/22 #3505
8/15/22 - 8/19/22 #3415
12/19/22 - 12/23/22 #3523