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This unique target system is a cost effective alternative for agencies that train and qualify on a regular basis. The range ready targets are printed on a sturdy cardboard backer and can be used in a variety of target systems. By using the center mass inserts, both of these  targets can be used for over a thousand rounds before needing to be replaced. The Police Training Institute has used these targets and the unique scoring system to qualify tens of thousands of police officers in basic marksmanship. Agencies using our targets, scoring system, and course of fire can count on the Institute to provide support and testimony, if required.

For combat training simply modify the scoring system by scoring the 9 and 10 rings as 5 and the 8 ring as 4. Score 2 for hits outside center mass. You now have a target that represents the average human, and scores will reflect combat results.

Standard PTI Paper Targets, 200 per box – $76.00
Range Ready Targets, 40 per box – $56.00
Center Mass Inserts, 100 per box – $14.50
Shipping not included in prices above. Some items must be shipped via freight

To place an order for target and/or inserts, please contact: 
Kyla Ray 
Developmental Services Center 
1304 West Bradley Avenue 
Champaign, IL 61821 
Phone: (217) 398-7722 ext. 404