Academic Credit

Graduates of certified academies throughout Illinois have many opportunities to receive academic credit for successful completion of academy training. How that credit is awarded, and by what institution, varies depending on the educational needs and goal of the officer.

Community colleges throughout Illinois have procedures in place to award academic credit to officers who enroll in degree programs, based on existing articulation agreements or on individual review. The specific amount of credit and the courses for which the credit is awarded varies. That credit may be applied to meet specific degree requirements, especially if the officer is seeking a degree in a criminal justice related curriculum, or it may be applied as elective credit. Community college credit is normally transferable to state universities, though the evaluation of transfer credit is always discretionary on the part of the receiving institution, unless a specific agreement exists between both schools. This is true of transfer credit, not only from community colleges, but from all academic institutions.

Transcripts & Duplicate Certificates

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