How to Enroll

You must be hired by a police department full-time in order to attend the Police Training Institute.

If it is necessary to cancel an enrollment, please do so at the earliest possible convenience. Officers are deprived of needed training because of last minute cancellations in courses that are fully enrolled.

The applicant must pass every test to be considered for the program.

The required performance to pass each test is based upon sex and age (decade). While the absolute performance is different for the 8 categories, the relative level of effort is identical for each age and sex group. All recruits are being required to meet the same percentile rank in terms of their respective age/group. The performance requirement is below.

View the new POWER test chart here.


Reporting Instructions/Mandatory Course Forms

Reporting instructions and any mandatory forms that will need to be filled out in order to keep your spot in the Basic Law Enforcement course will be sent out to the department contact 6 weeks before the start of the course.