Law Enforcement Reporting Instructions

Recruit officers in Basic Law Enforcement classes may print frequently used forms:

100-16 Memorandum Form 
100-17 Student Illness Injury Report 9-08 
100-18 Excused Absent Form – 05-08 
104 PTI Alcohol Influence 6-04 
10078 Complaint Information
10079 Warrant of Arrest 
10080 Complaint for Search Warrant
10081 Search Warrant 
10082 Notice of Arrest Without Warrant
10092 Initial Offense Report
Crime Scene Photo Log 
Integrated Scenario Evaluation Form 05-09

All courses have a limited number of enrollments, so register early to ensure a spot in the class. Appointment papers must be received by PTI to confirm registration for Basic Law Enforcement courses. Registration may be made only by departmental personnel. Students may not enroll themselves.

NOTE: All certificates for included and optional courses completed will be mailed to agency upon completion of BLE.